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Spiral Rain

Dolomite Crocodile 1.25"

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Dolomite energises our entire chakra system and grounds our emotions to the physical plane. Dolomite's energies are centred on balancing our emotional and physical bodies if we are frequently out of whack. This mineral harnesses its element by rooting one's aura deep into the core of the earth. Here, we can tap into the energy and intentions of Mother Earth to begin reprogramming our chakra system so that it is once again perfectly balanced. Dolomite is a stone that you should be working with if you want to rid your mind of unnecessary, self-deprecating ideas and tap into the Earth's energies for guidance. When a person's chakra system is in perfect alignment, their decisions and thoughts will be pure and decisive. This loving stone tames intense, hot emotions. This talisman of centering might aid folks who have difficulty connecting with their spiritual self. Dolomite aids in establishing a connection between one's inner self and the spiritual world, fostering the emergence of new, invigorating ideas. When we are connected to nature, we are tapping into a source of limitless power provided by Mother Earth. Nature is responsible for our existence, and with Dolomite, we may convert this energy to aid in the healing of our body.

SYMBOL: Your Spirit Crocodile can help you find the most opportune moment to act and allow you to be more vigilant and fierce.  

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