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Spiral Rain

Dumortierite Tumbled small

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When you feel out of control, Dumortierite Quartz helps you re-center and re-organize your life. It increases self-confidence, allowing you to speak your truth and overcome shyness. Dumortierite provides clarity and helps you break negative patterns by reprogramming your cellular memory. It is particularly useful for healing codependency and addictions. Dumortierite is a stone with a very high vibration that opens the third eye chakra and activates unusual psychic skills. These talents can range from simple things like greater dream recall to lucid dreaming, astral projection, connection with higher realms, synchronicities, channelling, and even types of ESP. The qualities of dumortierite enhance both one's intuitive and intellectual capabilities. Simply carrying or wearing this stone will attune the wearer to the forthcoming greater wisdom. A significant indication that Dumortierite's powers have permeated you is the improvement in your memory and your mind's ability to remember and comprehend daily new information. Dumortierite is the most effective stone for enhancing memory and intellectual capacity. 

To comply with social media product listing policies, I must mention that our products should not replace advice from a physician. Sold as a Curio. For external use only.