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Spiral Rain

Eudialyte Tumbled

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Due to its link to unconditional love and ability to anchor these energies through thoughts, feelings, and manifestations, Eeudialyte is called "The stone of the heartland." Physical existence often prioritises survival needs (food, shelter, safety), relegating emotional needs to the background or neglecting them. Eudialyte delivers vitality and the loving energy needed to recognise and fulfil the heart's desires. It helps one's physical and emotional needs coexist in peace. Eudialyte connects the heart and the root, allowing for stronger synchronicities between what must be done and what the heart desires. It helps one achieve dreams and goals. Eudialyte, a water and earth gemstone, balances inner and outer emotions. Eudialyte gives life force, self-love, and protection and affects the emotional body. It teaches us how to heal and regulate our emotions from within, rather than looking outside. Eudialyte is a potent guide for diving into the heart since it allows one to address despair and self-dissatisfaction. It promotes self-forgiveness and self-love, freeing the individual from fear, guilt, anger, and grief. This allows us to focus on ourselves and learn from "mistakes." Eudialyte can bring about significant interior transformations, especially during key occasions. Eudialyte can reveal soul links and missions. It shows past soul mates, why we met them, and their function in our lives (whether they are still with us in the physical realm or not). Eudialyte shows why soulmates may be rejecting you and if they are actual soulmates when meditating or sleeping. If you're attracted to someone, this stone can help you decide if you're meant for a sexual connection or spiritual work.

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