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Spiral Rain

Fulgurite Raw Small

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Fulgurite refers to what is created by lightning striking sand or soil. Lightning carries enormous quantities of static energy that are released in a relatively limited area where it strikes. Almost instantaneously, the surface becomes hotter than the surface of the sun and instantly crystallises. The bolt's heat evaporates the fulgurite's core, leaving it in a tubular form. These tubes are also known as "petrified lightning" and "fossilised lightning," but their name derives from the Latin word "fulger," which means "lightning." Fulgurite is one of the most effective tools for manifestation. Imagine these small tubes as elixirs brimming with pure energy, ready to be released. Try gripping these amulets tightly and speaking loudly your aspirations for this world. Allow the cosmos to hear your intentions as you place them in these small jewels. Fulgurite is rumoured to provide powerful energies and extreme sensations to everyone who comes into contact with it. Even those who are less in touch with themselves and who are often unaffected by crystal activity will find it difficult to reject their emotions. When meditating with Fulgurite, all chakras align and the user is infused with high-frequency energy. These vibrations cleanse and purify your entire aura while revitalising your Divine Will. Due to the free-willed force radiated by these stones, it is usual for users to have a "awakening" and follow their true life path after meditations. After dealing with this stone, a newfound creative energy will quickly flow through the veins, breaking down self-imposed, fear-based barriers.

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