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Spiral Rain

Galaxyite Tumbled

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Galaxyite is a newly discovered mineral consisting of microscopic Labradorite crystals buried in a feldspar matrix. This is the only known crystallisation form. The only known source for this crystal is the type locality (original deposit) in Quebec, Canada. A local miner discovered this mineral by accident in 1995 and elected to name it "Galaxite" after our galaxy due to its likeness to the night sky. However, that term is already in use for another mineral, a Spinel family member rich in aluminium, magnesium, and iron whose name is derived from the Galex plant. Due to this, a "y" was added to "Galaxyite" to both honour the given name and avoid misunderstanding among mineral enthusiasts. Canada exports the majority of its raw materials overseas, where they are initially processed. Particularly, China sells a tonne of galaxite and supplies the world with innumerable forms, sculptures, and tumbled stones! Galaxyite and Labradorite share nearly comparable energies; the only difference is that Galaxyite gives concentrated power. Labradorite's microscopic crystals provide an energy capable of boosting and activating whatever chakra it is placed upon. Similar to Labradorite, your entire chakra column will get engaged and your ethereal system will begin to realign. Galaxyite goes one step further by bringing to the forefront any chakra you pick, helping you to comprehend who you truly are. I really suggest this stone to all healers, novices, and mineral collectors! This vein will ultimately be entirely mined out and will eventually be classified in the "extinct" category of minerals!

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