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Spiral Rain

Golden Healer Quartz Tumbled

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Golden Healer Quartz activates the three lower chakras and grounds these energies to the physical plane. The Iron inclusions serve as an extremely robust manifestation and power-granting Earth stone. The Quartz casing only amplifies these energies (which can be felt!). When you strengthen your connection to Mother Earth, you passively create a stronger bond within yourself, resulting in a more authentic version of yourself. Your "higher self" is capable of expressing your personal desires and needs without external energies and emotions from others interfering. Golden Healer Quartz is an essential meditation stone for those who wish to uncover their higher sense of purpose. Golden Healer Quartz is an excellent stone for setting your intentions and grounding your desires. Even a daily mantra repeated while holding your favourite piece of Golden Healer Quartz will amplify your intentions and increase your ability to achieve them. This crystal is also ideal for use as the focal point of an intention grid. The Quartz amplification enables its energies to resonate and strengthens the connection between all stones within the entire grid.

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