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Spiral Rain

Goldstone Blue Tumbled

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Despite being man-made, blue goldstone has powerful healing properties. Copper filings give sparkle, and the sand used to make the glass contains quartz crystals. Despite being a manufactured crystal, blue goldstone has healing powers. Blue goldstone contains healing copper, cobalt, and quartz. The combination gives blue goldstone its metaphysical benefits. Ambition Stone: blue goldstone It helps you attain your life's goals and remain hopeful when hurdles arise. The stone's resonance with transformational energy causes this effect. Blue goldstone is great for high achievers because all ambitious goals require personal growth and transformation. Blue goldstone is calming. It calms the mind, making it a good stone for serenity. Also good for empaths. As a sensitive person, blue goldstone's calming energy fosters self-acceptance. Blue goldstone purifies the Throat Chakra, which helps set boundaries and prevent relationship tension. Third Eye blue goldstone. This Energy Centre is the gateway to our spiritual selves, therefore blue goldstone boosts intuition and self-confidence. Blue goldstone's Throat Chakra link boosts self-confidence and helps you speak your truth. Healing blue goldstone is protective. Copper blocks destructive energy, shielding your aura from attacks. Quartz sand amplifies this positive energy. This energy shields you from envious or manipulative people.

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