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Spiral Rain

Jasper Pink Porcelain Tumbled

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Porcelain Jasper also know as Exotica Jasper or Sci-Fi Jasper. It is a very caring gemstone that helps to boost and support during times of extreme stress, and is especially useful for inherently anxious persons. It is an excellent stone for personal strength. The healing properties of Porcelain Jasper are highly peaceful and pleasant. It brings peace and completeness to the spirit. It defends against the negative energy of others. It is supposed to fill the wearer with nurturing energy. It aids in emotional healing and facilitates the release of negative memories and emotions from the mind and heart. It facilitates the ability to receive love once more, provides a sense of safety, and promotes a positive self-image. Porcelain Jasper increases creativity, self-assurance, and self-esteem. Additionally, it is utilised for meditation and dream work. Working with Porcelain Jasper will help you expand your heart to love and relieve unnecessary tension. Porcelain Jasper restores your positive energy and fosters your happiness and inner tranquilly. The stone establishes a link between your humanity and your specific life aspirations. Porcelain Jasper encourages the purification of voids via your consciousness and the restoration of voids with a clean slate. This gemstone increases your awareness of your Chakras and makes your aura more perceptible. It is a stone that offers you the energy to pursue your heart's desires with happiness and delight. For a balanced field, Porcelain Jasper resonates with a lower frequency of energy. White, grey, black, peach, and lavender can be found in Porcelain Jasper stone.

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