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Spiral Rain

Jet Tumbled

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People in mourning have employed jet for generations. It effectively draws out the negative energies surrounding your aura. Jet functions as a purifier, seeking to pull and expel any negative energy while introducing positivity. The Romans thought it protected them from bad creatures, particularly the "Evil Eye." Jet is said to be a lucky stone, according to its legend. For generations, it was believed to bring good fortune to whoever carried it. Jet is effortlessly sculptable and has been so for thousands of years. Jet's abundance of Mother Earth's energy makes it a must-have for anyone in need of support with grounding. It is a stone that grounds you to the land while balancing and protecting you. Ajoite pairs exceptionally well with Jet and is an emotional spirit enhancer. This high vibrational stone also complements Moldavite extremely well. Jet operates as a transmuter to guide the user to the maximum degree in their transformation process, hence enhancing the transformation process. As previously said, Jet is recognised for its purity and strong vibrations. It can be used to cleanse and purify other stones by placing them in a basin with it.

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