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Spiral Rain

Lazulite Tumbled

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The high vibrational energy of Lazulite rapidly conducts itself to the third eye and activates the individual's particular psychic skills. Its potent mineral assists us in attuning to higher frequencies and in becoming more accustomed to this energy each day. Working with this stone will enable one to acquire insight into their nocturnal dreams and comprehend their purpose and significance. Lazulite will also aid in "detaching" from the physical plane and facilitating astral projection during deep sleep or meditation. It bolsters one's mental capacity to assimilate greater knowledge from spirit beings while providing solace in these novel and uncharted encounters. This knowledge is meant to assist us on our life's journey and propel our souls in the direction they actually desire to go. So frequently does our brain perform the thinking in this physical world that our hearts and souls, which carry our purest feelings, remain silent. Repeatedly working with this stone will allow one to bring their acquired knowledge to Earth, where it can be used to pursue their objectives and ambitions. We strongly suggest bringing a piece of Lazulite with you every day if you are attempting to connect the spiritual and physical realms. Daily exposure to this potent energy will enable an individual to passively live at a higher frequency. One will quickly learn how powerful their mind may become, along with the intuitive consequences of carrying this stone.

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