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Spiral Rain

Lepidolite Tumbled Small

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Lepidolite facilitates profound emotional recovery. It assists you in letting go of outdated ways of thinking and transforming into your finest self. Lepidolite decreases anxiety, melancholy, reliance, and bad energy. Lepidolite stones also inspire empathy and trust, helping you to connect with the suffering of others for the ultimate good of everyone. This comprehension extends to your own personal trauma; Lepidolite assists you in overcoming your prior pain and developing a deeper sense of self-awareness. Lepidolite promotes serene, quiet, and calming energies for the mind, body, and spirit. This crystal is the ideal accent to any space, but especially the bedroom, since it promotes pleasant, restorative sleep. As it naturally includes lithium and mica, Lepidolite is also one of the most effective crystals for anxiety and stress reduction. Lepidolite possesses calming energies that might have a calming effect on your emotional body and mental condition. When holding or interacting with this stone, our entire chakra column is awakened and aligned. Lepidolite embodies the concept of self-development, allowing you to expand your perspective of the world. Lepidolite is a reminder that we must begin somewhere, even if it's exterior, as difficult as it is to discover happiness within. It is often known as the "jumpstart stone" since it jolts us awake with vitality. This stone connects with all of our chakras, but it helps to build a specific connection between the third eye, crown, and heart chakras. You may become more in tune with the feelings you experience within the dream realm. Additionally, you will experience greater bodily sensations immediately thereafter. Lepidolite fine-tunes our mental state to perceive the smallest symbolic elements in our surroundings. This includes daily occurrences of synchronicity. Do not be surprised if other deja vu moments occur! Trust yourself, your intuition, and the energies of Lepidolite to guide you through this journey of constant change.

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