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Spiral Rain

Love Candle

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Embrace the infinite capacity of your heart with Spiral Rain's Love Candle, a beacon of affection, connection, and unconditional love. Whether you seek to attract love, deepen existing relationships, or simply enhance self-love, this candle is infused with the energies of Reiki and the ancient wisdom of witchcraft to guide your heart towards the unending source of love that surrounds us all.

A Symphony of Aromatherapy and Crystal Magic Blending the intoxicating scent of rose for love and compassion with the warming essence of mullin spice for protection and attraction, our Love Candle creates an inviting atmosphere that opens the heart. Adorned with rose quartz, the stone of love in all its forms, and rose flowers, symbols of pure affection, it aligns with the heart chakra, encouraging the free flow of love and the acceptance of its boundless gifts.

Empower Your Rituals of the Heart To connect with the candle's energy, hold it as you set your intentions for love, allowing for an intimate exchange of energy. Lighting this candle initiates a powerful ritual of manifestation, inviting love's limitless presence into your life, nurturing your relationships, and deepening your connection with yourself and others.

Affirmations for Attracting Love As the candle burns, affirm your openness to love with the mantra: "I am surrounded by love." Let this simple yet profound affirmation guide you towards recognizing and receiving the love that exists all around you, enriching your life and filling your heart with joy and fulfillment.

Sustainably Crafted for a Loving Journey Each Love Candle is poured with eco-friendly soy wax, signifying your commitment to a journey of love that not only nurtures your soul but also respects the Earth. The rose quartz and rose flowers, once the candle has fully burned, can be kept as lasting reminders of your dedication to living a life led by love.

Product Highlights

  • Handmade with natural soy wax, rose, and mullin spice oil for a loving aroma
  • Embellished with rose quartz for unconditional love and rose flowers for affection
  • Charged with Reiki and witchcraft for powerful, magical manifestation
  • Ideal for love rituals, meditation, journaling, and fostering connections

Open Your Heart with the Love Candle Whether you're seeking romantic love, deeper friendships, or a more profound self-love, the Love Candle from Spiral Rain is your guide to unlocking the heart's unlimited potential. Let it illuminate your path to love, reminding you that you are always surrounded by its grace and power.