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Spiral Rain

Magnesite Tumbled Small

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Magnesite is a white or occasionally cream-colored crystal that occurs in both crystalline (very rare) and noduled bulk. It is occasionally dyed various colours, such as blue, to create a cheaper version of turquoise. Magnesite's veins resemble the anatomy of the human brain or old chewing gum. Magnesite has a drab, chalky, earth-toned look and is fragile and easily scratched. Work with Magnesite when you need to feel peaceful, especially when you are overworked, anxious, and attempting to keep up with family obligations. Magnesite activates the Crown and Third Eye chakras to facilitate deep relaxation during yoga, meditation, and creative visualisation by calming the mind and allowing new ideas, thoughts, and visions to emerge. Encouraging unconditional, heartfelt love, it can also be beneficial for the Heart chakra. Physically, Magnesite may aid in lowering cholesterol levels, alleviating migraines and headaches, reducing body odour, strengthening bones and teeth, regulating body temperature extremes, and alleviating PMS symptoms. Because Magnesite is sensitive and easily scratched, it is recommended to store it in a soft pouch when not in use. Magnesite induces profound tranquilly during meditation. This stone, when placed on the third eye, boosts visualisation and imagery and promotes dynamic and revolutionary thought. It facilitates the opening of the crown chakra. It also encourages true love and opens the heart chakra. Magnesite exposes all varieties of self-deception. It grounds the intellect and aids in recognising unconscious ideas and emotions. It promotes a cheerful outlook on life. Magnesite induces a relaxing impact on the emotions and increases tolerance to emotional stress. It assists those who are anxious and afraid in overcoming irritation and intolerance.

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