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Spiral Rain

Indigo gabbro (Mystic Merlinite) Tumbled

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This amulet of waking is designed to liberate our consciousness from mundane problems. These daily annoyances force the mind to focus on irrelevant matters. This stone allows us to take a step back in order to manifest our true potential in this world. You will experience a miraculous impact that allows you to tap into your inner strength. As a result, your consciousness will expand to new heights. During this chain reaction, you may frequently experience a period of self-awareness. You may do a complete about-face, and the things you once seemed significant may become unimportant. This transition is something that your spirit has been anticipating for a very long time. This genuinely is a "spiritual awakening" and will assist you in achieving enlightenment. The presence of this stone will aid to lighten your aura and restore your vibrational field. This modification will enhance your understanding of yourself and how to access your distinctive qualities. With a clear and cognizant chakra system, for instance, you can employ the energies of Mystic Merlinite to expand your intellect and third eye.
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