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Spiral Rain

Nuummite Tumbled

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Nuummite serves as a conduit for the growth and development of greater knowledge and transforming energy, linking the spiritual and physical realms. This stone aids in opening the third eye and activating psychic talents. When dealing with Nuummite for the first time, it is not uncommon to see inner visions of one's past lifetimes as well as messages from one's guardian angels and spirit guides during dreams or deep meditation sessions. Try placing this stone on your third eye and allowing its energy to be absorbed straight into your pineal gland. Soon, pulsating vibrations will infuse your entire body and uplift your complete consciousness. This mineral contains the key to many of the Earth's mysteries, as well as to the former existence of life on this planet. Working with this stone on a regular basis and being accustomed to the energy it exudes is crucial to comprehending the enigma of Nuummite. Nuummite has a history as a potent protective talisman that may shield an individual from negative energy, dark magic, bad deities, and curses/spells. This stone will replace one's aura with purifying energy that will assist in removing any negative vibrations from one's etheric body. When exposed to an uncomfortable environment or surrounded by poisonous folks, it is advised to carry a piece of nuummite. This mineral will preserve your energy and maintain it unaltered as you go about your everyday activities without concern of being exposed to constant negativity.

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