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Spiral Rain

Opalized Fluorite (Tiffany Stone) Tumbled

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Opalized fluorite stone is a rock comprised largely of fluorite with minor amounts of opal, calcite, dolomite, quartz, chalcedony, bertrandite, and other minerals. Other names for opalized fluorite include Tiffany stone, ice cream stone, and bertrandite. It is a stone of discernment that enhances intuitive and logical abilities. It enhances concentration and facilitates the perception of the ultimate truth underlying all things. Opalized Fluorite balances the good and negative parts of the psyche, promotes inner serenity, and facilitates spiritual enlightenment. Opalized fluorite may also bring riches and prosperity to one's life, particularly in undertakings involving money and in endeavours that may help increase one's fortune. This may also provide you with new concepts and ideas that will assist you in your pursuit of financial success. The stone of passion is also known as opalized fluorite. Consequently, it may connect you via the higher heart, heart, and thymus chakras and fill you with a strong and pure sense of love. This may bring you loving and lovely sentiments, enhance all that is good in your relationship, and assist you in addressing or eliminating the issues plaguing your partnership.

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