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Spiral Rain

Oracle Card Reading Service

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Dive into the world of divine guidance with our Illuminating Oracle Card Reading Service. Oracle cards are powerful spiritual tools used to access inner wisdom and guidance, providing insightful reflections on various aspects of life.

Unlike tarot, oracle cards don't follow a set structure. Instead, each deck is unique, offering diverse themes and messages to offer guidance, affirmations, and insights. I will interpret these messages to bring clarity and direction to your current situation.

Personalized Readings

My Oracle Card Reading Service is tailored to your specific questions or concerns. Whether you're seeking clarity on a particular issue, looking for confirmation, or exploring your spiritual path, our experienced readers will guide you with sensitivity and respect.

Insights and Affirmations

Oracle cards can offer a broader perspective on life's challenges and affirm your intuitive feelings. They are known for their uplifting, positive messages that can bring comfort, inspiration, and motivation, helping you to connect with your inner wisdom and intuition.

Consultation and Follow-Up

Every reading starts with a call or message to understand your needs and ends with a comprehensive explanation of the cards and their messages sent by email. You will also receive a picture of the cards drawn. Post-session, I am available to answer any questions or clarify any part of the reading.

Please note that while Oracle Card Readings can provide spiritual insights and inspiration, they are not intended to replace professional advice from doctors, therapists, or financial advisors.

To do a reading on your behalf I will need you to send me an email at with:

1) ☾ Your Name ☽
2) ☾ Birth Date ☽
3) ☾ Your question ☽

Readings are done within 48 to 72 hours

Open your heart to the wisdom of the universe with our Illuminating Oracle Card Reading Service and embark on a journey of self-discovery, clarity, and empowerment.