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Spiral Rain

Personalized Spell Casting Service

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Discover the power of focused intention and magical energy with my Personalized Spell casting Service. Catering to a wide array of desires and needs, this service allows you to harness the transformative potential of well-crafted spells, carried out with respect, experience, and deep spiritual connection.

I will carefully perform each spell on a sacred altar, dedicated to providing a conduit for positive, potent energies. The spellcasting process is an art that interweaves traditional witchcraft methods with your personal intention to create a unique magical working designed for your specific request.

Spellcasting For Various Intentions

Whether you seek love, prosperity, protection, healing, clarity, or personal growth, I am ready to assist you. Your intention serves as the foundation of the spell, directing its energy towards your desired outcome.

Sacred Altar Ritual

My sacred altar serves as a focal point for the magical work, set up with specific symbols, colors, crystals, candles, and other tools that resonate with your intention. Each spell is cast following a strict ethical code, respecting free will, and aiming only to create positive change.

Transparent Process

I value transparency and collaboration in my practice. Prior to the spellcasting, you'll have a consultation with me to discuss your intention and the planned approach. You'll also receive a follow-up report detailing how the spell was cast and any impressions or messages received during the ritual.

Ongoing Support

With my service, you'll also gain access to ongoing support. I will provide advice on actions you can take to align yourself with the spell's energy, helping you to co-create the desired change in your life.

Please note that outcomes may vary as they depend on many factors, including your personal energy and openness to the changes you seek. My spell casting service is intended to empower and support you, but it should not replace professional advice or treatment where necessary. Please also note that I do not cast hex, curses, or any spells that go against someones free will.

To cast a spell on your behalf I will need you to send me an email at with:

1) ☾ Your Name ☽
2) ☾ Birth Date ☽
3) ☾ Depending on the spell I may also need your picture ☽
4) ☾ Custom Spell Needs or Requests ☽

Spells are cast within 3 to 5 business days depending on the nature and timing needed for the spell.

Unlock the potential of your intentions and invite positive transformation into your life with my Personalized Spell Casting Service.