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Spiral Rain

Pietersite Tumbled

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Pietersite is an extremely potent crystal that stimulates and opens the solar plexus and third eye chakras. When these two chakras are linked, limitless possibilities and outcomes are possible. Our own will is engaged and linked to our third eye, which becomes extraordinarily open and transparent. Simply holding or wearing this stone might give the impression that one's desires are within reach. Pietersite stimulates our personal will and reignites the inner fire. Its embers are blazing with drive, concentration, resolve, and obvious desire. These traits associated with our third eye assist us in achieving our dreams. Pietersite expels negative energies and emotional disturbance while purifying the aura and restoring its tranquilly. Pietersite is believed to function with the body during meditation to facilitate a speedy ascent into a higher state of consciousness. Pietersite is known as "The Tempest Stone" because its matrix resembles a tempest. Pietersite stimulates transformation by eliminating bad energy, emotional traumas, and pre-programmed thought patterns. It is a member of the Tiger's Eye family, with golden rays of light blending with the colour of a deep blue night sky and flashes of lightning occurring throughout the stone. It purifies our aura and restores tranquilly. It connects the ordinary to the spiritual, reminding us that we are spiritual beings on a human journey. It anchors us not to the Earth but to our aura or etheric body. Pietersite generates a profound state of meditation, making it an ideal stone for shamanic travelling and past life healing. Pietersite is a stone that dispels the illusion of separateness that inhibits us from connecting to Source. It offers inner guidance that assists us in recognising and living our truth.

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