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Spiral Rain

Poppet Magick: Stitching the Threads of Intent

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Why Poppet Magick?

Poppet Magick is an ancient form of sympathetic magick that creates a tangible link between the doll and its living counterpart. This digital eCourse weaves you into the world of poppetry, teaching you how to craft, consecrate, and utilize poppets in your magickal workings.

Course Highlights:

  • 🧵 Crafting the Poppet: Learn the art of creating poppets from various materials—cloth, clay, wax, and more.
  • 🌿 Herbs and Fillings: Discover the best herbs, stones, and other fillings for various magical intentions.
  • 🌕 Moon Phases: Timing your poppet magick with the lunar cycles for enhanced potency.
  • 🛡️ Protection and Curses: Ethical considerations and methods for both benevolent and baneful magick.
  • 📜 Poppet Spells: Detailed spells and rituals for love, healing, prosperity, and protection.
  • 🔄 Deactivating and Releasing: Properly ending your work with a poppet, ensuring energetic closure.

Why Choose This eCourse?

  • Expertly Curated: Compiled by a skilled witch with expertise in Traditional Witchcraft.
  • Interactive Learning: Hands-on crafting tutorials, meditations, and spellcasting exercises.
  • Comprehensive Guide: This course is your A-to-Z guide on the craft of Poppet Magick.

Course Format:

Digital PDF Guide.

Who This Course Is For:

  • Novices intrigued by the craft of sympathetic magick.
  • Practiced witches aiming to diversify their spellcasting repertoire.
  • Spiritual healers looking to add another layer to their energy work.
  • Reiki masters, light healers, and empaths seeking to integrate poppet magick into their practices.


Open to all seekers, whether you’re a fledgling witch or a seasoned spellcaster.

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