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Spiral Rain

Pyrite Raw

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Pyrite taps into the Earth's force, allowing one to reconnect with Mother Nature. As an Earth element, it vibrates with Fire energy, representing the warmth and enduring presence of the sun as well as the capacity to earn prosperity through one's own efforts. Pyrite is an extremely potent manifestation stone. Its blend of anchoring and dynamic energies inspires confidence and assertiveness. Pyrite enables you to embrace abundance by aiding you in finding the energy to pursue your goals. Pyrite is also a protective stone, shielding your energy field. It helps to increase the energy in your room and revitalises stale areas. Pyrite also channels these characteristics inwardly, alleviating stress and promoting vitality. Pyrite assists in redirecting one's energies toward positive pursuits and in recalling wonderful memories of love and friendship. Pyrite's dense nature aids mental clarity and concentration. Pyrite is one of the most determined stones. Its energies resonate directly with the solar plexus chakra, which activates one's will. These energy are the key to achieving our life objectives. However, they are only attainable with effort and commitment. Pyrite will help you stay on track until your goals are reached.

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