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Spiral Rain

Obsidian Rainbow Tumbled

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Magnetite nanoparticles were collected inside the layers of Rainbow Obsidian as lava cooled at varying rates throughout time. Magnetite nanoparticles produce a brilliant, colourful iridescence when exposed to light. The best locales for Rainbow Obsidian are in Mexico, although in recent years a few new sites have been discovered in the United States. Rainbow Obsidian is a stone that stimulates the root chakra and grounds us to the soil. It is a stone that can be utilised to aid in the healing of a broken heart, provide comfort to a grieving person, or just bestow an abundance of love and joy upon someone in need. This stone is here to hold you when you need it most, while also restoring your strength to help you overcome these heartbreaks and begin to heal. Once a person has accepted what has transpired, they are able to go on, heal, and renew their energies. If you are struggling emotionally, we suggest carrying a piece with you daily and meditating with it when you are most at ease. Rainbow Obsidian alleviates fear and overwhelming negative emotions, aiding in the identification of the source of emotional trauma or distress. Rainbow Obsidian can bring happiness, pleasure, and delight to those who have had a run of misfortune.

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