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Spiral Rain

Jasper Red Raw

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Red Jasper is an amazing grounding stone that enhances one's engagement with the outside world. It will eliminate any distractions and procrastination and assist you in achieving your aspirations and objectives. No longer do we permit little obstacles to deter us from pursuing our goals. Red Jasper activates the root and sacral chakras, aggressively harnessing the Earth's most powerful energy. This life force energy is unlike anything before experienced. As nurturing and transformative vibrations begin to enter our aura, any old bad deities or energies are expelled. Once an individual has a physically and emotionally healthy body, actual growth patterns can begin. In contrast to the person social media forces you to be, Red Jasper encourages you to develop into your true self. This stone facilitates the development of one's optimal spiritual self. One who is capable of comprehending the true truth of the world around them and is able to distinguish between competing concepts and ideologies. Red Jasper is a "breakaway" stone that concentrates on the body's inner requirements while freeing itself from poisonous situations and places. Almost all of the bad energy we absorb comes from the people and places we come into touch with. We recommend carrying a protection stone beside your Red Jasper for this reason. As much as Red Jasper pulls one away from conforming to society norms, it does not shield us from the negativity that is currently spreading throughout the world. As long as you have faith in the trip you are on and continue to channel the beautiful talents of Red Jasper, your emotional body will soon be overcome with hope. This essential emotion provides a viewpoint that enables a person's resilience and inner power to flourish. The only way for you to achieve what it is that you want in this world, is by personally taking action and achieving it. Red Jasper gives you the strength to say "enough is enough" and leave any situation that is not serving your best good.

To comply with social media product listing policies, I must mention that our products should not replace advice from a physician. Sold as a Curio. For external use only.