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Spiral Rain

Rhodonite Puffed Heart 1.5 inch

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Rhodonite is a powerful stone that reduces and suppresses anxiety. This is a soothing stone that will "hold you" in times of need and can be touched during times of hardship. It will strengthen your heart and demonstrate exactly how strong you can be, even in the situation you believe to be your weakest. We urge that anyone who suffers from despair, anxiety, or a lack of self-confidence carry a piece daily. Although Rhodonite primarily affects the heart and root chakras, it also possesses extraordinary psychic powers. Rhodonite will amplify and provide clarity to one's inner experiences, whether they occur during profound meditation sessions or when dreaming. Through this lucidity, Rhodonite assists in translating the picture of these dreams and bringing them to earth to give a road through which these "dreams" can be comprehended or attained. It is recommended that you place this stone in your pillowcase to completely activate your psychic skills. Rhodonite balances your emotions from the heart outward. Rhodonite enhances your sense of kindness and compassion, allowing you to see all sides of any situation. If you are in disagreement with a loved one, seeking the love of others, or in need of increased self-love, this is the stone for you. Rhodonite's capacity to purify and stimulate the heart symbolises expansion, compassion, and inner beauty. Rhodonite's love characteristics enable you to recognise the significance of self-love and the possibility of finding true love if you are willing to love yourself first.

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