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Spiral Rain

Ruby Raw

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Ruby has been regarded throughout history as a symbol of nobility. Ruby's vibrations resonate with the highest levels of life force and emit the purest red light. Ruby is a potent grounding stone that considerably improves one's chi, allowing all internal systems and organs to work at their peak. It promotes the balanced circulation of chi throughout the body and draws vitality directly into the root. This greatly energises the physical, emotional, and cerebral bodies, making Ruby a particularly potent aid for individuals who experience daily weakness. Rubies excel at gathering and amplifying energy, as well as promoting and stimulating mental attention, so that massive amounts of energy can be focused on any objective. Ruby pulls forth one's inner grit, giving one the bravery and strength to persevere despite obstacles. It invigorates one's zeal for life and inspires them to pursue their passions. In moments of failure or suffering, the vibrations of this stone erase sentiments of hopelessness and defeat, keeping the mind from becoming consumed by negativity. Ruby will assist those who suffer from anxiety due to a lack of self-confidence, as well as those who continuously fear the future and change. This particular stone eliminates the dread of death that prevents us from doing so much in our life. Ruby is a highly daring stone that will eventually push you to confront past concerns that can be easily overcome with the Ruby's strength. Even when a fear is eliminated, Ruby will continue to encourage you to confront any obstacle that may cause a negative mindset and an anxious body. Ruby has a profound effect on dreams and anyone attempting to induce lucidity in their dream state. The powerful and vivid energy of the Ruby will enhance your understanding of the imagery in your dreams. Utilizing and comprehending the ruby will grant you nearly complete power over your overnight dreams.

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