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Spiral Rain

Sagittarius Candle Nov 22 - Dec 21

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Embark on a journey of self-discovery and boundless exploration with Spiral Rain's Sagittarius Candle, a guiding light for those inspired by the Archer's quest for truth, adventure, and understanding. Whether you're a Sagittarian seeking to amplify your zodiacal traits or a seeker drawn to the sign's expansive worldview, this candle, charged with Reiki and the ancient wisdom of witchcraft, serves as your ally in embracing the limitless possibilities that define your existence.

A Symphony of Aromatherapy and Crystal Magic Crafted with the mystical scent of nag champa for spiritual clarity and tranquility, our Sagittarius Candle invites you to a space of contemplation and growth. Adorned with turquoise, the stone of protection and communication, and chrysanthemum flowers, symbols of joy and the lightness of being, it resonates with Sagittarius's fiery energy, encouraging a life lived with enthusiasm, freedom, and respect for all paths.

Empower Your Adventurous Quest To align with the candle's energy, hold it as you set your intentions for expansion and freedom, fostering a deep connection between your aspirations and the universe's vast energies. Lighting this candle becomes an act of faith, a declaration of your readiness to explore the unknown with an open heart and an open mind.

Affirmations for the Sagittarius Spirit As the candle burns, affirm your place within the tapestry of life with these mantras:

  • "I have faith in life and am aware of my place within it."
  • "I am connected to the expansiveness of my existence and my thinking."
  • "I am limitless and liberated, and I respect the liberty of others."

Sustainably Crafted for the Free Spirit Each Sagittarius Candle is poured with eco-friendly soy wax, signifying your commitment to a journey that not only seeks personal enlightenment but also honors the interconnectedness of all beings. The turquoise and chrysanthemum flowers, once the candle has fully burned, can be kept as enduring symbols of your adventurous spirit and philosophical pursuits.

Product Highlights

  • Handmade with natural soy wax and nag champa oil for a scent that inspires depth and clarity
  • Embellished with turquoise for protection on your journeys and chrysanthemum for joy
  • Charged with Reiki and witchcraft for powerful, magical manifestation
  • Ideal for Sagittarius season, meditation, yoga, rituals, and embracing a life of adventure and freedom

Journey with the Archer's Flame Whether you're charting a course for physical travels or navigating the realms of thought and spirit, the Sagittarius Candle from Spiral Rain is your compass, pointing towards horizons that await your discovery. Let it be a reminder that your spirit is unbounded, free to roam the expanse of the universe in search of wisdom, joy, and the truth that unites us all.