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Spiral Rain

Serpentine Tumbled

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Overall, Serpentine can realign our entire chakra system and operates as a driving force to shift our current life path. Serpentine is said to facilitate communication with extradimensional beings due to its particular relationship with nature. We recommend meditating outside to enjoy Serpentine's earthen channelling effect. While attempting to transcend your consciousness, you must consider the surrounding life force energy. We are all tied to a spiritual mass that is always available for us to draw into. Serpentine minerals have a harmonic relationship with our heart centre and help us manifest our deepest wishes. This will enhance our capacity to love and demonstrate compassion. Serpentine minerals facilitate the release of unnecessary emotions that may seem bound or attached to our bodies. If you still believe that you were wronged, it will be incredibly challenging to let go of these emotions. Minerals derived from serpentine will work as a solvent to loosen these stuck emotions. Once they have been lifted, the sense of relief will justify all of the effort. Before we can begin to distribute love into the world, we must learn to love ourselves. A third lesson that Serpentine teaches us is the lingering effect of fostering love in even the darkest regions around us. Serpentine facilitates access to our Kundalini Energy, an ancient Tantric teaching involving a vibration at the base of our spine. This energy is thought to coil up like a serpent while it is dormant. Through practises such as profound meditation, the usage of Serpentine crystals, and yoga, this inner strength can be reached. Once released, the Kundalini Awakening effect will begin to manifest. During this profound awakening, you may feel more in tune with yourself and witness the emergence of your inner intuition. This intellectual advancement typically results in mental expansion and sensitivity to higher worlds. To visit these realms, one must be willing to activate the pineal gland and regain faith in one's own mental skills.

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