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Spiral Rain

Stromatolite Tumbled

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Stromatolites provide a link to prehistoric Earth and the energies emitted by Mother Nature many billion years ago. This time period was characterised by an energy that was more pure, unfeathered, and innocent. These vibrations infused the ever-expanding environment of the planet with life-force energy capable of fostering plant and microbiological life. This extinct energy is imprisoned in this stone and can be channelled into your soul via intense meditation. To obtain access to this information, one must invest a great deal of time and effort into cultivating their Stromatolite crystal. With each passing year since the encapsulation of this single-celled organism, it has gotten increasingly difficult to access its vital energy. Some Stromatolites that were formed at the very beginning of the planet's formation have been dormant for almost four billion years. To assist in anchoring and infusing your energies with this ancient crystal, we recommend harmonising and activating your root chakra. Place the Stromatolite in front of you and cleanse your mind of any thoughts and ideas. Place this stone in the forefront of your consciousness and visualise the world as it once was. All of the beauty and devastation that was required to create a home for you to inhabit. Slowly absorb as much information as possible from this visionary experience, and give your subconscious mind time to process these higher frequencies. Continue working with this stone a few times per week, and you will notice yourself opening up to the outside world. One will receive a new perspective on their daily environment, as well as a greater appreciation and affection for the surrounding living creatures. Through these "new" eyes, one places themselves on a never-ending journey to joy, happiness, love, and enlightenment.

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