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Spiral Rain

Sunstone Raw

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Sunstone has an immediate resonance with the solar plexus and sacral chakras. It helps align the two parties while establishing a crucial communication channel. This particular region of the body contains vital personal energy such as a person's passion, creativity, personal will, and resolve. Sunstone's energies assist in revitalising these fundamental components that comprise who we are. Additionally, it will assist in channelling these energy through your emotional and mental bodies. As the "sunny" rays of this stone begin to saturate one's entire body and aura, a little transformation may begin to occur. This may result in a modification of their current relationships, hobbies, interests, and thoughts. Each and every action you make will be affected by the just sparked fire within you. As soon as an important event or person enters your life and captures your attention, it will be clear what this transformation process was producing for you. This will lead to complete happiness and prosperity. A road only imaginable by those who believe it is attainable. The properties of Sunstone will demonstrate what is possible when the body and mind collaborate. Try placing your most wanted intention in your favourite piece of Sunstone and allowing it to act as a reminder of why you wake up and put your entire yourself into the day. Working for Sunstone will bring you prosperity, but only if you have a strong work ethic. There is no such thing as a free lunch, and the cost of Sunstone's energy is time and work. When one exerts every ounce of effort possible, failure is impossible. No matter the circumstances, we shall find a way as lightworkers. Trust your ever-growing intuition and follow your gut instinct while making difficult decisions that can take you to your own personal heaven.

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