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Spiral Rain


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Because tektites are the result of extraterrestrial occurrences, they are associated with realms beyond our own. It is claimed that they promote communication with distant places and foster spiritual development. In some traditional civilizations, tektites are worn by both men and women to enhance conception. Tektites vibrate at a very high frequency, allowing one to attain new dimensions of consciousness. Upon contact, one's internal energy will immediately begin to rise, and the mind will become a receptacle for incoming wisdom from above. Dream work, déjà vu experiences, daily synchronicities, and enhanced cognitive and psychic abilities are channelling this knowledge through our reality. This information comes from the angels in heaven, our spirit guides, and our celestial defenders. These beings have been a part of our lives since birth, with more joining us along the way. Their function is to aid in the development and proper direction of your soul, allowing you to explore your most elevated self. By meditating deeply, one is able to recognise these indicators and know when to undertake the abrupt change.

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