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Spiral Rain

Tiger Iron Tumbled

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Tiger Iron is an extremely potent stone that combines the energy of three minerals. When dealing with or carrying this stone, our root, sacral, and solar plexus chakras are stimulated and realigned. When these chakras are open and synchronised, we are reminded that anything in the world is attainable through concentration, perseverance, and commitment. Hematite aids in keeping one's thoughts and ideas grounded and one's mental state clear. You will be much more receptive to ideas and how they might effect your life if your mind is clear. Hematite is magnetic and attracts energy identical to that which you emit. Red Jasper's energies enhance your power, concentration, resolve, and stamina. It firmly anchors us to the ground, compelling us to take actual action to accomplish our goals. This stone minimises the inner procrastination that prevents the realisation of ideas, projects, and ambitions. Long-term exposure to this will erode a person's confidence in themselves and their general talents. Thus, Tiger Eye comes into play! Tiger Eye is such a potent stone that it will flood your aura with many beams of self-assurance and strength. Tiger Eye provides you the "eye of the tiger," allowing you to realise any dream or concept. This unique Quartz mineral will activate one's willpower and assist them in remaining focused on the task at hand. One may feel a strengthened connection between themselves and their work, which is often a sentiment they have longed for. These three minerals and their properties make Tiger Iron the coveted gemstone it is today.

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