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Spiral Rain

Tourmaline Pink Quartz Semi Tumbled

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Pink Tourmaline enhances love. It connects the Base Chakra and Heart Chakra, making it ideal for spiritual activities that require grounding and heart-centeredness. Pink Tourmaline is a courageous stone that helps us devote completely to the Divine and Love. It purifies the heart and fosters wisdom and compassion. Pink Tourmaline urges us to live with love. Pink Tourmaline is connected with Libra, Scorpio, and Sagittarius. Water, 1, 2, 4, 5, 9, and 99 are related with it. Pink Tourmaline has loving vibrations. It promotes safety and boldness. It helps repair childhood wounds and scars passed down through families, as well as a broken heart. Pink Tourmaline helps us be autonomous, self-reliant, and forgiving of past wrongs while setting appropriate boundaries to prevent future suffering. Pink Tourmaline motivates us to love deeply, whether it's falling in love again or having the courage to start. Pink Tourmaline promotes romance, love, and commitment. It makes us nice, charming, tactful, easy to adore, and attracts new connections. Pink Tourmaline teaches self-love and self-care. Pink Tourmaline helps us stay focused and adaptive. It helps us have more compassion and prevent bad emotions. It helps us maintain balance in tough situations, especially emotional ones. Pink Tourmaline helps us think clearly, leave toxic relationships, and understand that sometimes the greatest act of love is to love and protect yourself. Pink Tourmaline promotes kindness. From a position of power, we can offer others mercy and absolution. It stimulates innovation, especially in interpersonal situations. It boosts our ego and pride in our accomplishments. Pink Tourmaline promotes self-care. It reminds us to take care of ourselves alone. No one can self-care for us, neither our family, doctor, or society. Pink Tourmaline inspires self-love. Pink Tourmaline helps heart health. After a heart attack, we may feel apprehensive about our health and fearful of the future. Pink Tourmaline helps us be calm and optimistic while making healthy lifestyle changes.

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