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Spiral Rain

Vesuvianite Raw

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This Vesuviantie was mined In Quebec, Canada. Vesuvianite is an aluminium calcium magnesium silicate mineral that crystallises in masses, columnar pillars, and small pyramidal and prismatic crystals. It occurs predominantly in olive green hues, but sometimes in brown, yellow, white, purple, pink, and red. Vesuvianite is an ancient earthen amulet with healing abilities that connect directly with the centre of one's soul. Our inner core stores our most profound memories, which may transcend time and place. These external incidents may have occurred in earlier lives, but were so painful that they affected your soul sufficiently to transfer over into the present. Some cases can be traced back to irrational childhood worries and persistent misdirected emotional discomfort. If our pain is not appropriately addressed and excavated from our freshly acquired physical vessel, it will engulf our current life. This negativity may not be consciously felt each day, but it is gradually acquiring power over your soul. To handle this, one must adopt a courageous attitude and "leap into the flames" of our own emotional afflictions. Vesuvianite forces these experiences to the surface by expelling them from their depths. Through meditation, one can begin to experience these trauma-inducing thoughts and strive to release them from not just one's life, but also one's precious soul. With each meditation session, Vesuvianite imparts the power and motivation to infuse the heart with peace, allowing an open well to flow and nourish the entire body.

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