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Spiral Rain

Witchcraft, Reiki, and Transpersonal Crystal Healing Distance Session

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Intention of the session

You can choose the intention you would like to work on from the menu.

Distance healing sessions are just as effective as in-person sessions. A session lasts a total of 90 minutes. I keep 30 minutes for us to discuss before and after and the healing session is 60 minutes. Here's a general outline of how a distance healing session combining witchcraft, reiki, and transpersonal crystal healing might take place:

Preparation & Consultation (15 minutes)

Before the session, I will arrange a call, message or a video chat to discuss your needs, intentions, and the details of the process. This initial consultation allows you to voice any concerns, ask questions, and establish a connection with me.

Time & Space Setting

A time for the healing session is arranged where you can relax undisturbed. It's recommended that you find a quiet, comfortable space where you won't be interrupted. I will also prepare a calming, sacred space for the healing work.

Healing session (60 minutes)

Witchcraft Component

I may begin the session by casting a symbolic circle in my space and calling upon my chosen energies, elements, or deities for assistance in the healing session. I will also represent you symbolically by writing down your name on a piece of paper and placing it under my crystal grid board. This symbol serves as a focus point for directing the healing energy.

Reiki Healing

I then proceed to perform a Reiki session as I would with an in-person session, except I visualize performing the hand placements on your representation. The intention here is to channel the universal life energy to you, irrespective of physical distance, a concept supported by the principle of non-locality in quantum physics.

Transpersonal Crystal Healing

Simultaneously, I use crystals by laying them out as I would on a in person session. I then focus on transmitting the healing properties and frequencies of the crystals to you.

Vibrational Sound Healing

During the session, I will introduce sound healing elements. This involves the use of vibrational frequency music, singing bowls, or other sound-producing instruments. These create vibrational frequencies that interact with your body's energy field, facilitating relaxation, balance, and a deeper state of healing.


During this time, you should remain open and receptive, visualizing the energy entering and healing your body. I will also send you the vibrational healing track to play at home during your session to help you get into this state. 

Closing the Session

Just like in an in-person healing session, I will close the session by ending the flow of Reiki energy, clearing the crystal layout, and closing the symbolic circle. I will perform grounding exercises on your symbolic representation to ensure the energy is fully integrated.

Debrief (15 minutes)

After the session, a follow-up call, message or video chat will be conducted to discuss your experiences and any feelings or sensations that occurred during the session.  I might provide you with additional advice for maintaining your wellbeing and integrating your healing experience into your daily life. I may also draw some tarot or oracle cards to give you messages from the universe to move forward in your journey.

While some people may feel the energy during the session, others might notice effects later on, such as a sense of calm, release of emotions, increased energy, or improved physical symptoms. The effects of distance healing can be unique and varied for each individual.

These healing sessions are highly personal, and your experience will be unique to you. I will respect your comfort and boundaries throughout the session and adjust any practices to accommodate your needs and preferences.