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Spiral Rain

Jasper Zebra palm stone

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ONE Zebra jasper Palm Stone
Each stone is unique and varies

Avg. Size: 2.25"

Zebra jasper inspires us to move from passivity to action. It assists us in avoiding excessive thought and encourages us to simply enjoy the experience of live. The bright colours of zebra jasper intensify this message. As its namesake, a fast, wild animal, it teaches us how to survive. It is written: Get out of your head! Get into your physical form. Allow the spirit of life to flow through you. Moreover, zebra jasper activates the root chakra. This gives us a sense of stability, allowing us to appreciate the beauty of our surroundings. The energy of Zebra Jasper is highly inspiring, uplifting, and energising. It serves as a reminder to the bearer that it is impossible to give away all of one's energy and affection. The reservoir of energy and love is inexhaustible, always accessible, and perpetually refreshed. During spiritual activity with the higher realms, it is supposed to facilitate the transfer from the material plane to the astral plane. During meditation, it is also beneficial for grounding and facilitating the passage from the material world to the astral plane. Zebra Stone aids in achieving equilibrium in life. It supports a generous, loving perception of the people in your life, allowing you to view their actual essence in a loving light by seeing beyond their apparent appearance. Zebra stone is especially effective for aura protection.

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