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Spiral Rain

Astrophyllite Tumbled

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Astrophyllite is a manifestation stone. It energizes you and reveals the unlimited possibilities in all avenues of your life. Astrophyllite is especially helpful to manifest relationships; many people in the metaphysical community consider it the “marriage stone.” In addition to attracting a partner with qualities like honesty and fidelity, Astrophyllite promotes internal tranquility and trustworthiness. When used between two partners, this stone facilitates understanding. 

Astrophyllite also promotes acceptance and healing. Most of us have past actions that we regret, and this stone will help you make peace with your mistakes and move forward. Astrophyllite helps you focus on your future in a productive way and transform you into who you want to become. Astrophyllite fills you with light so that darkness cannot remain. When you work with this stone, you will feel more confident and become more aligned with the universe.


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