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Spiral Rain

Bismuth Rainbow

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Bismuth is an artificial gemstone created from the crystalline and brittle metal bismuth. It's 83rd on the periodic table and synthesised in the lab. This gem nugget's rainbow colours encourage focus and shamanic wandering. Rainbow tones of the stone increase imagination and safeguard the soul. The stone's powers help with stress by boosting the soul's inner strength. Bismuth is considered to reduce feelings of isolation since it holds transformative life-changing energies. It helps accept the circumstance and face it calmly. Bismuth enriches the relationship's air with affection, making it alive and joyous. It helps release fever and other bodily difficulties. Effective treatments for chronic torso diseases were also acknowledged. It repairs disturbed and degraded muscles in addition to chronic sickness. It strengthens the soul after surgery. Bismuth can heal spiritual and emotional alienation. The stone's qualities change negative into positive and guide the soul for a tranquil future. It gives physical vitality and connects the inner soul with mother Earth's energies. Spirit's luring energies move from crown chakra to root chakra to develop the inner self's aura and sustain environmental balance. It stimulates all chakras for spiritual wellbeing. It boosts actualization, which allows the soul to seek life's truth and live in the present. The stone's healing qualities purify the body's aura, making it healthy and active. Energizing vibrations from this attractive gem nugget aid in profitable living by enhancing life's moments and ambitions. Bismuth's rainbow-colored energies promote relationship oneness. It increases concentration and occult vision during shamanic excursions. It can alter the soul from physical to spiritual. It also gives the plan continuity.

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