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Spiral Rain

Onyx Blue Tumbled small

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Blue Onyx balances mind and body to conquer problems. It helps you focus when you're uneasy. This energising stone eliminates distractions and improves motivation, filling you with optimism and self-assurance. The stone supposedly deflects negative energy and protects against dark magic. Blue Onyx promotes emotional balance and self-discipline. It helps you release harmful attachments that are holding you back. It deflects negative energy that may tempt you to make mistakes and opens more doors. The stone helps you follow your intuition. Blue Onyx helps stabilise and anchor negative energy. It attracts profitable energy and brings plenty. Blue Onyx eliminates relationship troubles, phobias, and anxieties. When problems or conflicts develop, it helps find the best solutions. The stone gives strength in trying times. Blue Onyx increases self-awareness and empathy. It helps you stay grounded and attentive of others' feelings. The crystal heals ancient scars or traumas influencing your present life. The crystal overcomes mental inadequacies to boost mental strength. Blue Onyx balances male and feminine polarities and promotes emotional and self-discipline harmony.

To comply with social media product listing policies I must mention that our products should not replace advice from a physician. Sold as a Curio. For external use only.