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Spiral Rain

Chalcopyrite (peacock ore) Raw

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Chalcopyrite is a potent stone that stimulates and balances all chakras. Shamans and reiki practitioners have utilised this potent instrument to clear chakra blockages. This stone provides transforming energies that aid in altering routines, habits, and lives. Working with this stone will aid in discovering one's own path and purpose in life. Carrying this stone daily is perfect for those who feel "stuck" in their regular routines and are seeking a drastic transformation. This stone has traditionally been connected with opportunity and new beginnings, and has been worn as a lucky charm. Although this stone stimulates all seven chakras, it primarily resonates with the top three. Chalcopyrite is supposed to expand the mind and grant access to a higher plane. When meditating with this stone, our third eye is opened to limitless visions, and our crown chakra is used to bridge the gap between the physical and spiritual realms. This stone's energies on the throat chakra specifically aid in bringing this understanding into the physical realm. By articulating what you see, feel, and hear, you transform it into a visceral emotion and establish its truth. This energy has the potential to manifest and bring with it life-changing opportunities.

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