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Spiral Rain

Calcite Green Raw

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This crystal is a potent heart stone whose purpose is to soothe and revitalise our most critical organ. It is the ideal stone for relieving unnecessary daily stress and calming pent-up energies that may have accumulated throughout the day. Simply holding a piece and taking deep breaths can help us forget the source of our distress. Working with this stone strengthens our heart connection and provides insight into where we should direct our emotions. So frequently do we lead with our heads rather than our hearts that we fail to see that our heads are full of distractions and emotions that change swiftly. The heart contains the most important information we carry, so it should be consulted first when making decisions. We encourage Green Calcite meditation as often as possible. During these sessions, it is essential to focus on your heart in order to bring to the surface all the trauma holding it down. We must confront it, accept it, and proceed from it. When coping with such challenges, green calcite will become your finest ally and help you overcome them. It is essential that these challenges do not define us, but rather motivate us. If we continually return to our issues and use them as an excuse, we will never be able to overcome our obstacles. When the moment has come to move forward, it is crucial to accept these new beginnings!

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