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Spiral Rain

Calcite Orange Raw

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Orange calcite is the ideal stone to utilise when attempting to release one's sexual or creative impulses. It is one of the very few stones that aid in the circulation of these energy throughout the body, eliminating obstructions as necessary. When our creative and sexual energy are flowing freely, we feel more at ease with ourselves and the task at hand. This typically results in a boost in confidence and self-esteem. We always propose orange calcite to those who are feeling depressed. This calcite variation is an extremely uplifting and happy stone. Its orange rays mimic those of the sun, causing the body to produce and release endorphins. This is the stone for anyone seeking to reignite the "fire" within. It is recommended that ladies who are attempting to conceive take orange calcite with them. In addition to releasing one's sexual energy, this stone is also said to improve fertility. If you choose to meditate with this stone for sexual purposes, we recommend placing it in your groyne. As this sexual energy flows freely within you, you will notice your degree of comfort with this topic slowly rising. Over time, you will learn to enjoy your sexuality and interests without questioning whether your actions are acceptable. As soon as one accepts their sexual urges, they will have more opportunity to express them.

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