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Spiral Rain

Calcite Orchid Tumbled

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This Orchid Tumbled Calcite exudes tremendous energies of passion, creativity, anchoring, and inspiration. This stone is a blend of two powerful crystals: orange calcite and black tourmaline. It is both protective and shockingly sensual. Orange calcite will stimulate your flirtatious side, whereas black tourmaline will keep you grounded and secure. Together, these components constitute an engaging and effective instrument for use. You may carry this Tumbled Orchid Calcite wherever you go to infuse your life with sensuality and protective power. Orchid calcite combines the qualities of orange calcite and black tourmaline. Orange calcite is a bright Sacral Chakra gem. It increases stamina, charisma, and sexual vigour. Orange calcite enhances libido, allowing for increased endurance in men, and counteracts the effects of menopause on libido in women. I highly recommend orange calcite to artists because to its capacity to kindle and sustain creative and expansive fires. Black tourmaline is the most protective stone you can work with as it activates the Root Chakra for grounding. It builds an energetic shield around you, repelling negativity and plugging auric space holes. Additionally, it prevents the loss of material objects. Black tourmaline counteracts energy depletion, fights off nightmares, links you to spiritual wisdom, and keeps you safe and healthy in general. Utilize this Tumbled Orchid Calcite to root yourself in your creativity and passion and to gain life inspiration. Place it on your altar or in your sacred area, or hold it in your hands as you meditate.

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