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Spiral Rain

Calcite Red Raw

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Red Calcite is a detoxifying and energising stone that stimulates and tones the blood. It cleanses the circulatory system, increases energy and vitality, and is beneficial for conditions requiring detoxification, such as food poisoning or alcoholism recovery. Red Calcite reduces stress and hypertension, calms imbalances that cause fatigue and exhaustion, and stimulates inner energy reserves. It assists in revitalising and rejuvenating the entire physical body. Red Calcite is beneficial for the genitals, reproductive organs, gonads, ovaries, hips, legs, feet, stiff muscles, and joints due to its relationship with the base chakra, the origin of all physicality. Red Calcite is also beneficial to sexual health and sensuality. Emotional Healing Properties - Red Calcite brings stability to one's will and increases inner strength, assists with problem solving, helps ease and release fear - calming over-stimulation of adrenaline caused by fear, and can be very beneficial for those who feel as though they must "battle" on a daily basis. Red Calcite helps to centre and ground an individual, aids in the release of negative emotions, and promotes a sense of emotional security. Red Calcite attracts love and assists in opening a closed heart chakra, which is advantageous for those who resist giving or receiving love.

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