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Spiral Rain

Cat Eye Tumbled Small

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In addition to its beautiful look, cat's eye stone is highly valued for its powerful metaphysical characteristics and powers. It is thought that wearing cat's eye helps ward off evil and protects against unforeseen danger. This stone is often believed to bring wealth and success and/or assist individuals in regaining lost wealth. Cat's eye quartz is also considered to aid in the treatment of eye diseases, the rehabilitation from post-traumatic situations, the treatment of cancer, the improvement of night vision, the regulation of blood sugar, and the promotion of mobility. Cat's eye quartz is thought to bring good judgments and promote deeper insight. Additionally, it is thought to promote intuition, psychic abilities, and concentration. Cat's Eye stimulates intuition and heightens consciousness. It is a grounding stone whose defensive energy is highly powerful. Cat's Eye eliminates negative energy from the aura. It magnifies good fortune and luck. Chrysoberyl Cat's Eye converts negative emotions into positive energy. Cat's Eye induces joy and tranquilly, as well as optimism, kindness, and self-assurance. It can increase creativity and generosity.

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