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Spiral Rain

Chalcedony Blue Small

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Blue Chalcedony calms the emotional body and aids in the expression of one's authentic thoughts and ideas. This promotes deeper conversations with your loved ones, which not only strengthens your connections but also "awakens" their emotional bodies. Prior to engaging in self-reflection and embarking on a journey with Blue Chalcedony, one must clear their thoughts and allow their heart to speak. Place this stone over your heart, throat, or third eye during deep meditation and allow its energies to resonate directly with that chakra. As you begin to calm your breathing and direct all of your energy toward your heart area, remember yourself why you've embarked on this self-improvement journey. Is it to gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your genuine nature? To express your emotions and engage with the community more effectively? To quiet your emotional body and maintain mental clarity? Any response is acceptable, so long as you consistently remind yourself of this. Throughout this journey, Blue Chalcedony will awaken repressed feelings that we have learned to ignore and subconsciously suppress. In recognition of everything you've endured, it is crucial that you ultimately confront these uncomfortable feelings, despite the difficulty involved. Every event you've had has shaped you into the person you are now, and Blue Chalcedony represents the beneficial influence each has had on your ever-expanding spirit. When engaging in challenging talks, such as public speeches, or attempting to express oneself more effectively, Blue Chalcedony is a useful stone. The energies emitted by this stone raise one's internal connection to their emotional body while channelling it into words that can be spoken. The severity of the circumstance is forgotten, and your inner fortitude begins to shine. As you speak up for yourself and establish your own "voice of reason," your self-assurance will begin to grow.

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