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Spiral Rain

Fairy Stone

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The strange minerals known as Fairy Stones, sometimes known as Goddess Stones or Menilite Opal, are made of calcium carbonate and clay. Numerous varied groups of people have utilised fairy stones as protection and good fortune talismans for generations. It was usual for many northern Canadian tribesmen to carry a Fairy Stone to bring wealth and prosperity to their family. Another typical tradition was to give a piece to a loved one as a symbol of their relationship, as well as a touch of "luck." It was believed that Fairy Stones provided protection from malevolent gods and deities. During rituals, it would have been typical to see numerous Fairy Stones in an attempt to create an etheric barrier surrounding the group of practitioners. Some families within these tribes swore by this stone and even placed it under their young child's bed in an effort to stave off terrifying nightmares. This unusual stone strengthens a person's connection to Mother Earth and activates the root chakra. Additionally, it helps to ground all of your energy on a physical basis. Instantaneously upon contact, one will experience physical alleviation, followed by mental clarity. The energies of Fairy Stone are ideal for assisting one in decompressing from any stressful event or even a typical workday. When a person is able to completely rest their mind and body each night, they will feel less stressed and exhausted. Due to our demanding schedules and many life interruptions, we are frequently unable to do both. This mineral is intended to revitalise one's energy and act as a daily reminder of the necessity of self-care. Each Fairy Stone should be seen as an amulet endowed with the mystical essence of our planet. Carrying a single piece can boost your overall aura and provide protection against any negative energy you may encounter. 

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