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Spiral Rain


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With these Gastropod Fossils, you can access potent Earth healing. The spiral-shaped fossilised snail shell contains almost 500 million years of Gaia's history and represents constant change and development. About 500 million years ago, gastropods were prevalent, making them some of the oldest organic stuff on Earth. Utilize one of these preserved gastropods to connect with the Earth's vitality and revive your body, mind, and spirit. The fossilised gastropod links the chakras with ethereal forces, balances the spiritual and emotional bodies, and establishes a profound connection with the Earth. Fossils contain potent Earth medicine and have the ability to purge bad energies. They have absorbed cosmic energy over millennia and act as potent life force energy boosters. Fossils also support ongoing evolution. Working with preserved gastropods can provide access to profound ancient knowledge. These Gastropod Fossils will infuse your holy area with healing, growth, abundance, and creative energy. Use one of these gastropod fossils to help you connect with the Earth's vibrations through meditation. 

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