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Magickal Uses for Goldenrod

The sudden appearance of goldenrod near your front door indicates that a stroke of good fortune is on its way. Goldenrod flowers can be used in wealth spells and money drawing sachets and planted on your property or placed in a vase inside your home to attract wealth and good fortune.

Goldenrod can be used for dowsing. Simply concentrate on what you're looking for while holding a goldenrod in your hand. It will nod in the direction of the hidden object, or treasure! It will also point you in the direction of your true love.

If you wear or carry goldenrod for a day, the next day you will cross paths with your true love. Give him or her some goldenrod tea to seal the deal. But not just before you hop into bed, because goldenrod is a diuretic.

Dried leaves and flowers can be burned to enhance spells for drawing love and to enhance your intuition when performing any sort of divination.

Goldenrod can be used to aid in the grieving process.



Although goldenrod is generally considered non-toxic, some people have allergic reactions to it. Proceed with caution. It is considered safe and even nutritious for browsing and grazing animals. Excessive use of goldenrod can lead to a loss of electrolytes through excess urination.