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Spiral Rain

Goldstone Orange Tower

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Orange Goldstone (also known as Red or Brown Goldstone) is a man-made gemstone that has been treated to give it a "sparkly" look as a result of its copper content (see the qualities for Copper). The sparkles in the stone, caused by the Copper, indicate the "Light" that Goldstone channels. Copper is one of the most potent energies for transferring and transmitting energy, making this stone a potent ally for long-distance healing. Goldstone is a protective and grounding stone. It guards the body and energy bodies from unwanted vibrations, frequently returning them to their source. Goldstone, as a grounding Ally, facilitates our connection to the Earth and the rectification of our vertical alignment. It balances our Chakras and offers a sense of serenity and centering. Goldstone inspires self-assurance and optimism. It inspires and propels one onward, facilitating the accomplishment of objectives and the realisation of new ideas and desires. Red Goldstone makes one feel really secure in the world. It infuses our bodies with the earth's power to replenish, strengthen, and inspire. It aids in the activation of our lowest three chakras to promote general bodily healing.

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