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Spiral Rain

Garnet Hessonite Tumbled

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Hessonite garnet is a rare variety of garnet that is renowned for attracting wealth. It is also known as the cinnamon stone because of its warm hue. The name hessonite was derived from the Greek word "hesson," which meaning inferior, in reference to hessonite's reduced density and hardness compared to other types of garnet. However, its power to attract great, lasting wealth is not inferior. Hessonite garnet links you with the energetic vibrations of success and reveals new money avenues. Hessonite garnet, a stone of synchronicity, resonates with the Sacral Chakra and also activates the lower chakras, thereby safeguarding your energetic field from negative influences. It is stated that Hessonite has a high spiritual value for enlightened individuals. In addition to promoting a calm disposition, hessonite garnet is supposed to prevent gossiping. According to Vedic astrologers, wearing a hessonite garnet weighing two carats or more will bring money, success, and longevity. Interestingly, garnet is well recognised as a gemstone connected with success, particularly in business.

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